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Sat, 08 Oct 2005
Eating Feet
Ideally, I would love to have fresh female feet to eat. If some pretty female was killed in an accident, I would take or buy her freshly amputated feet. However, I would buy pretty feet from a female in a morgue, but she would have to be embalmed. Of course, I would pay less for these than I would pay for those that are fresh. If anyone out there can help me out in my quest, please email me at ieatgirlsfeet@yahoo.com.

Posted 16:19 
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This Site
This site will show edited photos of female feet in various stages of being eaten. If you dream of eating sexy female feet, then this site is for you. I also accept for posting manipulated photos from others dealing with this same subject. Females who are getting a voluntary toe amputation are encouraged to contact me because I will pay you for your amputated toe.

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